Graceland Fruit remains open and fully operational during the global COVID-19 pandemic. For more information?click here. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Continued response to Covid-19

Graceland Fruit remains open and fully operational during the global COVID-19 pandemic. For more information?click here. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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Graceland Fruit, Inc has been a pioneer in food manufacturing and the tart cherry industry since 1973. Graceland has a long tradition of innovation, beginning in the company’s formative years:?

1973 Graceland Fruit Co-Op is founded.
1976 Graceland begins research and development on dried tart cherries.
1988 Increased R&D in other fruits and vegetable like blueberries, strawberries, apples, peaches, bananas, carrots, and more, leads to the installation of the world’s first commercial infused fruit dryer at Graceland’s processing plant in Frankfort, Michigan.
1988 Graceland also develops slicing and dicing technology to provide more appropriately sized dried fruit to the ingredient and food service markets. Graceland is the first company in the world to offer this slicing/dicing capability.
1989 First commercial production of dried cranberries at Graceland.
1995 Graceland dramatically increases its capacity with the addition of a new drying unit to meet growing consumer demand for natural, flavorful, high quality ingredients and allows the company to better serve the industrial market.
1995 Graceland develops its own broker network to find new opportunities for its fruit products and to better penetrate the ingredient market.
1996 Graceland acquires FREEZEFLO soft frozen fruit technology from Rich Products Corporation to expand its line of delicious fruit ingredients?to include frozen fruit ingredients that are perfect for the dairy and frozen baked goods markets. (FREEZEFLO is a licensed registered trademark of Rich Products Corp.) FREEZEFLO eventually becomes Soft-N-Frozen?.
1999 Graceland doubles capacity of its cherry handling and processing facility.
1999 Graceland named 1999 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year by the Michigan Manufacturing Association.
2001 Graceland introduces exotic fruit ingredients.
2003 Graceland receives the USDA’s prestigious Edward R. Madigan U.S. Agricultural Export Excellence Award for its entrepreneurial efforts in foreign markets after winning the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year Award and Michigan Department of Agriculture’s Exporter of the Year Award.
2006 Construction gets underway for expansion project and a new wastewater treatment facility. First extraction system to produce fruit concentrate goes online.
2007 Wastewater treatment facility goes online and building phase of expansion project is completed.
2008 Second extraction system to produce fruit concentrate is commissioned.
2008 Jumbo whole dried cranberries are introduced.
2008 Construction begins on the third infusion and drying system.
2009 Production capacity increases by more than 40% as third infusion and drying system is completed and goes online.
2009 Graceland introduces a new line of Cranberry Select ingredients.
2011 New President & CEO Alan DeVore joins Graceland.
2012 Graceland introduces products to home shoppers and is named 2011 Michigan Agriculture Exporter of the Year by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
2016 Today, Graceland continues to manufacture quality fruit ingredients that are used in products like breads, muffin mixes, bagels, trail mixes, ice cream, frozen dough and many other consumer goods, and new ingredients and applications are being explored every day.
2017 Graceland adds production capacity in Warrens, WI with the establishment of Graceland Fruit Wisconsin.?
2018 Graceland expands its operations through the opening of a Shanghai-based sales office, Graceland Fruit China. Graceland Fruit China opened its Tmall flagship store in November of 2018, entering the traditional trade enviroment and gaining access to over 600 million Chinese consumers that are active on the platform.?
2019 Jeff Seeley appointed Executive Chairman and CEO of Graceland Fruit.?
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